The power of social media is undeniable and has proved to effectively maintain the success of influential brands, or in some cases destroy them. That being said, PINK ME is a full service social media marketing and creative agency specializing in social PR. We work to identify the right social media channels for your brand to flourish, enabling you to increase brand awareness and elevate online presence on social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google. 


PINK ME caters to lifestyle, fashion, beauty, entertainment and hospitality brands. Our team understands the importance of attracting like minded consumers and enticing them to taste, touch or buy your product or service. We offer full social media management and creative content creation. Our creative social strategists will work to create visually stunning photos, videos and graphics all in-house to tell your brand's story authentically.  


We aim to give your brand the presence it deserves. 


Saar Nave has a BA in marketing specializing in the digital world. Saar has seven years of experience in fashion, and during her two years at the Honigman TNT group she established their digital department. 

Today Saar specializes in creating unique and precise visual content, tailored uniquely to each customer while providing service and management of all their social media platforms - creating a 360 degree envelope of online marketing.